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Waldorf schools /Steinerskoler work with the views of Steiner's anthroposophy. Steinerskoler offer education, not only focused on the one sided rational development, but also the emotional, mental and physical development. Mental development is something else than rational development.

Creativity is a challenge, a gift and learning tool, where every child is born with. Therefore creativity is highly present on Steinerskoler. Nature is also part of the presented education, by being in nature, and by offering children education in working with soils, seeds, watering, caring: green gardening. Steinerskoler work with natural materials, wood and other natural materials are used in classrooms, to sit on, to work with, also in creativity lessons. Even knitting with wool and cotton belongs to the education. Children do not only work with brains, or hands in creativity lessons, they are also totally physical active, indoors and outdoors. Indoors via activities via music, like dancing, moving on rhythm (eurythmy), and experiencing the connection between the deeper inner self and the body as a creative expression tool. Waldorf education is healthy. Not only for the physical health, but also for the emotional, and mental health. It creates balance. A person in balance is strong, and has a strong natural resistance against diseases.  
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My own impressions of the Norwegian approach of Steiner schools/Waldorf schools
Though I love the videos of YouTube channel Steinerskolen Norge, generally I notice a too populist explanation of Waldorf education: promoting a product that seems to be not popular, "so let us make it popular". This is not healthy and not honest, and creates a wrong view. I miss the so important connection with nature, being in nature, and what is really missing everywhere are the engaged-with-this-system-teachers, who dare to state their commitment, and why. Also missing in the total of websites is the role of the parents, their comments, and why they chose the Steinerskolen for their children.
Therefore I recommend to watch the next video (USA) with teachers who prove to have thought about anthroposophy, who have anthroposophy in their inner systems, and who know really what to tell about Waldorf schools. They show and prove true commitment, and this I cannot find on not any Norwegian video or website: as if one tries to hide for what it is really. This could be indeed the reason: Norway is a hard country for all who are not following up the traditions, the habits, all what is different is not really wanted, or accepted. Steinerskoler in Norway have a long way to go before they are really accepted in the society. 
Playlist with videos: Waldorf schools