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Helse er en verdensomspennende hype i media, blogger og nettsteder. Av åpenbare grunner. Helse er et marked, næringsliv, penger, kapital, også i den vanlige helsetjenesten: Vanlig helsevesen er via kontrakter en del av den multinasjonale farmasøytiske industrien, og leger er ikke fri til å tilby medisinen som kan være bedre enn medisinen som farmasøytisk industri tvinger dem til å bruke. Selvfølgelig har det vanlige helsevesenet utviklet fantastisk, genial medisin for å kurere vanskelige sykdommer, men jeg er en fortaler av visdommen om at forbygging er bedre enn kur. Alminnelige helsetjenester gjør ikke nok for å forebygge sykdommer. Selvfølgelig ikke: det vil koste den farmasøytiske industrien millioner av inntekter. Den farmasøytiske industrien er toppen av pyramiden kalt det alminnelige helsevesen.


The following English text will be translated as soon as possible.

Mainstream medicine versus alternative medicine

Mainstream healthcare is based on the one-sided materialistic view that human beings have a physical body, are only matter. All what is invisible in the microscope concerning our life as a human, does not exist. Also psychiatry and psychology are part of the materialistic views of the mainstream healthcare and offer medicine that do not reach deeper than the impact of it on the physical body: suppressing medicine, treating the symptoms, not searching deeper for the real cause of the problem and therefore not healing. Often there is not any other solution than this strong treatment, because the physical or mental illness is in a too far phase, and has caused too much damage. It has become impossible to heal it.

This one-sided, rational view on the human being does not create an excellent healthcare, this is proved worldwide in health care practices, that never become empty. The doctors, owners of these practices, are physically, emotionally and mentally overloaded, on the edge of a burnout. They cannot handle the growing amount of patients, that never seem to become really healthy and independent of their help. Mainstream medicine, especially the medicine advised by the mental health care practitioners, are even addictive and therefore hardly anybody ever gets rid of for instance antidepressants or sleeping pills, and of the doctor or psychiatrist who advise these drugs. One gets immune for it, resistant, and finally they do not create any effect anymore: then one needs heavier variants. The doctor is already instructed and knows a heavier variant. Till there will be not any variant working anymore. Reason why the human being becomes resistant for antibiotics. There is no new antibiotic. The medicinal herb oregano however is a natural antibiotic and this creates hopeful aspects: one does not get immune for medicinal herbs, not addicted to them either.

My view on healthcare

My view on health and healthcare is based on my own life-experiences: I am an experience-expert concerning mainstream healthcare, their medicine, next to alternative medicine, the medicine of naturopathy, and the treatments by acupuncturists, homeopaths, holistic massages, spiritual psychologists.

Finally, after decades of paying my own treatments (because the society, politics, do not acknowledge alternative-medicine doctors, practitioners and therapists), I became whole again, better, healed. I learned how to be and stay healthy. With my knowledge and expertise I am able to help people, even now, while I am a 70 years old pensioner. I have decided recently to work some hours per week as a caregiver in the complementary healthcare here in Norway, in my own practice, by offering a listening ear, creating an analyse and insight in causes of the problem, offering foot-reflex-zone massage, additional treatments with Bach flower-remedies and eventually medicinal herbs. For those cases that my knowledge, expertise and treatments are not sufficient I advise other holistic therapies like osteopathy, or acupuncture. I always check the history of diseases and illnesses of every new client/patient before starting treatments. There can be contraindications for my treatments. In that case I will always advise to visit a doctor, or to inform the doctor about my treatments, and to ask if it is allowed. I work parallel with mainstream healthcare, not against. My work is additional, complementary healthcare.

Being a therapist myself

I have been registered as a NOAG therapist in Netherlands, and worked with holistic treatments like reflex-zone therapy, phytotherapy (treatments with medicinal herbs) and Bach flower-remedies. My personal life-experiences with, and knowledge about holistic health and healthcare have created insights which are very helpful in teaching others. Explaining the cause of a problem, teaching about the human body and its physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers, are the first steps to real healing and to stop the downward spiral one lives in. Without insight not anybody will find true health.

 My therapeutic disciplines have been:

 1. Analyses and advice, teaching
 2. Foot reflex zone massage

My foot reflex zone massage, though in its total relaxing, is not meant as just a relaxing massage for once in a while. The treatment is part of a follow-up program in which a person is learning the causes of problems and the effects of these: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

3. Bach flower remedies

Bach flower remedies are a holistic therapy. These can be offered also next to the foot reflex zone massage, to support and deepen the healing processes.

Consultations for Bach flower remedies can take place independently from foot reflex zone therapy sessions. In my practice Bach flower remedies are mostly used however as an additional discipline next to foot reflex zone therapy

 4. Phytotherapy

Phytotherapy is the knowledge of medicinal plants, how to use these, how much, when, how long, in which cases, and when not to offer these, because medicinal plants can create a negative interaction with pharmaceutics. I use phytotherapy as an additional therapy of the foot reflex zone massage. The foot reflexzone massage is a very excellent indicator of physical problems, and therefore helpful in finding the right tincture to support the healing processes. 

The necessary follow-up appointments for phytotherapy can take place independently from the foot reflex zone therapy sessions. The products I work with are from Natural Balance in Netherlands.



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