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Video: Holsdagen, 2018. "Holsdagen" is the name of a unique traditional happening in Hol Kommune, in the traditional district of Hallingdal, Norway. A special program starts that day in the morning, when a young couple is performing a traditional wedding in the old church in Hol. All are dressed in the traditional bunad, belonging to this area of Hallingdal. After the wedding the bride-procession takes place along the Holsfjorden to the Bygdemuseum in Hagafoss: with carriages and horses, young and older people, even children, and a group of musicians, playing the violin. Not just violins, no, these are the so-called Hardingfele instruments, the Hardanger fiddles. Example: 

The musicians in this procession are: Øyvind Brabant, Torstein G. Jeldokk, Svein Inge Øen, and Anders Lunden Herefoss. Source: Knut Medhus (Hol Historielag). Rebecca Loft is also a group member but was not in the procession. She performed later in the Bygdemuseum in Hagafoss, Hol Kommune. 

Øyvind Erling Brabant (born December 12th 1956) is a Norwegian folk musician from Nes in Hallingdal. He was taught by Odd Bakkerud, Knut Myrann and Jens A. Myro, and today considered to be the foremost player of the Hardingfele in Hallingdal. 

The wind played also a role in this procession, that day, and because of the presence of this strong wind the music was hardly audible in the video. Therefore I had to search for music that fits with the traditional bridal procession. I found: Bruremarsj Frå Hallingdal  

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