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Biodynamic agriculture may not be mixed with the term "biological". Biodynamic agriculture is introduced by Rudolf Steiner, and is a fundamental part of his anthroposophy. Biodynamic agriculture (started about hundred years ago) has many similarities with ecological agriculture, but biodynamic agriculture works with even more and deeper principles as ecology, and the rules are therefore even stricter. Ecological farming started many decades after the biodynamic farming was introduced, but both have many similarities.
Biological farming though makes lots of concessions and wrong deals with the global farming, where chemical pesticides and genetic manipulation are accepted as "not harming health". They do, however. Bird decline, disappearing bees and other insects, strange diseases affecting the unborn child, and the human brains, are undoubtedly related with chemical pesticides. 
Biodynamic farming in Norway 
In 2008 a research about farming and agriculture in Norway (there is not a more recent research available) showed a total of about 50.000 farms, of which just about 2.500 were ecological farms and 35 were biodynamic farms.
 In the area of Multerland is just one ecological farm: in Hovet. The most nearby ecological/biodynamic agriculture can be found in Aurland, about 90 km ahead into the direction of Bergen, at the Sogn Jord- og Hagebruksskule in Aurland. It is the only 100% ecological school for ecological agriculture in Norway.  
Biodynamisk landbruk