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Being an experience expert myself, concerning alternative medicine, both as a patient and as a former registered practitioner (naturopath), I am nicely surprised by the long list of alternative treatment methods in Norway.
Mainstream versus Alternative 
After six years of listening to stories about the Norwegian mainstream healthcare, next to the alternative healthcare, I have to conclude that also in Norway alternative medicine is not accepted by the mainstream healthcare practitioners.  
My own experiences in Norway
Norway is known (at least in Netherlands) for its futuristic healthcare, but when learning to know the mainstream healthcare by myself, I did/do not observe so much futuristic, exception is the payment method. The Norwegian psychological healthcare and the guidance of patients back into the society after for instance a burnout or depression, or both, is rather old fashioned and shows a lack of real insight. I have monitored these methods from very nearby. 

As an exception in the mainstream healthcare I would like to mention the true care that I experienced myself in the treatment and method of Oslo university trained dentist Morten Eliassen, who has a dentist-practice in Geilo. 

I also experienced an alternative treatment: osteopathy. I am utterly enthusiastic about it. However. Despite the 6 years long study, including the full mainstream medicine education on university level, next to intensive training in sensing and massaging, osteopaths are strange enough not accepted as colleagues by the mainstream doctors. This is the best explanation of the unjustified arrogance of the mainstream medicine towards an alternative treatment, in fact a whole-istic treatment, because of considering the human being as a whole, a complexity of an enormous diversity of systems, intertwined on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.
Mainstream medicine is not complete
Mainstream medicine is in an emergency need to be healed, made whole, by the holistic view on the human being and life in general. The view of the mainstream healthcare is materialistic. More about this in my blog Multerland. 
Attention: I only support alternative treatments offered by officially 
registered, (university college) educated and trained therapists/doctors.