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Education and the importance of learning to think deeper
 As soon we are born, we, living beings, start learning. Also animals learn, and their parents and the herd or flock are the educators. This happens also in the human world. We learn to survive. Something has happened within human "education" that we have become "masters" of the world, and are damaging all life, because we, humans, lost the connection with nature. The only dangerous for life species for all existing life forms is the human being. The unhealthy way of living, the being disconnected from nature, the one sided rational education, the addiction to competition, materialism, everywhere, have created a fast growing catastrophe, and not any professor of politician knows the way out. Maybe some know, but hardly any human being has learned to listen, to think really. Thinking is more than rational activity.
Trailer of an educational documentary film (English subtitles)
Nature needs your voice and participation
Nature is in danger, and therefore we are all in danger. As long mankind does not consider nature as a business partner we are far from a real change. Who will offer nature a voice? First we will have to find the way back to nature, to be in nature. No, nature is not a pot with flowers on a table, or an artificial garden of some square meters. Nature is much more. This is the main reason for the existence of this website, also to show ways to find nature as it is still there: pure, clean, healthy, and how to respect it.
The importance of green thinking in education 
When you mouse over the word "education" in the browser of this website, sub pages open with information about nature, with educational information that might bring insight to save what we name wilderness. More pages will be added there, during the time.
The human thinking has created chaos and death in what was harmony and life. Only deep insight, full awareness, can stop the downward spiral. Climate change is a symptom. Schools, education, and the right teachers are the most important factor to be able to change the human thinking that should be based on whole-ism (holism), not on materialism and greed, not on competition. 
Norway's anti-green politics 
Norway's politics are not green, worse: even against "green". The thinking in general here is not green, at least not green enough. Also in this I take part, in the discussion about Norway's nature, by being active in posts on LinkedIn, and even more on Twitter, where I follow all Norwegian political parties, the prime minister, WWF Norge, nature organisations, environmental groups, etc. 
I react (also in daily life) on not green situations, like increasing CO2 pollution by Norwegians who do not even realize their Arctic is melting; use of pesticides in agriculture; I react on articles of WWF Norge and articles in newspapers; shortly: lots of work to do.
The importance of nature as a teacher and healer