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When planning a journey one of the most important details is knowing where to stay, and how. There are several possibilities, like hotels, B&B, or hostels, but often the prices do not fit in your budget. Generally Norway is three times more expensive than any other country in Europe.

For those who really search the silence and the full Norway experience should start searching for the hytta, the cottages in the middle of nowhere, where they can live in nature, in wilderness, without any luxury of a bathroom or a normal toilet. One needs to be prepared on a stay there. Staying in wilderness means one is the guest of all living creatures that live there and getting informed about how to live there without disturbing life, peace, and without polluting the environment is a must. 

It is important to understand why: about 400 animal species are on the red list because of the misbehaving tourists. Pure water, clean, fresh from the source, gets destroyed by using normal soap or toothpaste: they contain polluting material, even pesticides, but besides that: animals do not like perfume, not even the natural lavender, as an essential oil, if lavender does not belong to their biotope. Be aware of your deodorant. Your shampoo. Even of the smell of the washing powder of your clothes that you are wearing. Once again: You are a guest in the territory of highly important beings, so behave respectful towards them. You can learn more about how to live, survive, and behave in wilderness here.
Next to this way of experiencing nature and wildlife it is nice to enjoy also some comfort, so it could be ideal to combine both.
Storestølen Fjellstugu, next to Strandavatnet, Hovet, is situated in an amazing area with a view on National Park Hallingskarvet. They rent also hytte (cabins).

Other possibilities:
Gurostølen (nearby Strandavatnet, and a view on national park Hallingskarvet)
Raggsteindalen Høyfjellsstue (Hovet)
Bergsjøstølen (11,5 kilometers from Hovet)