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The weather is Norway is ..... not always so nice. In summer there can be rain, much rain. Cold as well. In spring or autumn even worse. But the sun is is mostly there. Present in a majestic way. Warming up the earth in a very short time.
It is winter here from October till the end of April, sometimes it can snow even in May. From October the temperatures go down together with the sun. Finally the sun is disappearing behind the mountains, and leaves the valley with its direct sun rays. In December it will be dark (night) after four o'clock in the afternoon till nine o'clock in the mornin. After Christmas the days will become longer, more and more. The first sun rays reach over the mountains again at the end of January.
Norwegians never complain about the weather, they take it as it is and they know how to dress themselves. This is the most important information: when you travel to Norway, take a look in the weather forecast.
Important is to take warm clothes with you, also something light (cool), because when it is hot the sun really burns. In the shadow it can feel as icy cold: important to have something with you to put over the summer shirt.
Boots are a must when it is raining and you are going out for a walk. The forest is wet, and sometimes you have to walk through the water. Also in the mountains (you are already in the mountains when you are in Hovet, but they name the higher mountains here "mountains". Hovet lays in a valley in the mountains, but 800 meters above sea level (Oslo).
Photo by Magne Ove Furuseth: Hovet, in the valley of the river Storåni.  
It is also very important to bring with you a woolen cardigan, extra coat, raincoat, and socks. You can buy boots in Ål, Geilo, or Gol.
Norwegian expression: "If you wear the right clothes there is no bad weather at all."