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Travelling to Norway is an art in itself. Travelling in Norway is not the same as anywhere else. The country is huge. The distances are long, the roads are meandering, and because of that there are variable speed limits between 40 km and 80 km. Only on highways it is allowed to drive 90, this is the absolute maximum.  

Hardly any restaurant or benzine station can be found. Benzine stations are at the same time also mini-cafetaria, with no possibility to sit.

Generally: Norway has hardly restaurants outside the big cities, and if, they are not all so excellent. It is worth it to go off the road and find a nice restaurant in a nearby village or city, where one can sit, and eat at a table.

An excellent and relaxing way of exploring Norway is travelling by train, or a well planned auto journey. What is written on websites about the time that is needed to drive from here to there, is wrong: the roads meander, and speed limits make it much more taking time to arrive where you want to be. It can take the double of the time road-websites are calculating for you.
The train offers all you need: comfort, toilets, a restaurant, a seat with a number, ordered via internet, and wonderful views from the window on the amazing landscapes. A lot of people sleep for a while. The seats can be adjusted in a kind of sleeping position. On the long distance (the Bergensbanen route is eight hours) this is a wonderful luxury. Train travel is not expensive. Prepare your journey before leaving, and order tickets, in time: all seats have numbers and need reservation. Sold out belongs to the possibilities. Go for ordering a ticket to the website of the Norwegian railroads NSB. (English)