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Norway is a far away country. Not so easy to get there in a short time. Not by flying, not by car, bus, or train. But worth it to visit!
Flying to Norway
Even when it takes not more than about two hours of flying from your country to Norway, like for instance the Netherlands, it takes much more time to get where you want to be after landing on Oslo Gardermoen airport (photo map), or on any other Norwegian airport. There, on the airport of Norway, the big journey starts. 
The journey in Norway by train or bus
There are more airports connected with Oslo but Gardermoen is the main airport and about twenty train-minutes away from Oslo City. Oslo Central Station has railway connections to everywhere in the country. Sometimes it is a better option to fly from Gardermoen to the destination area belonging airport, to take the train there to continue the journey, the local bus or a taxi. 

The railway to the Multerland area is the Bergensbanen. Tickets for seats can the best be ordered online.
The journey in Norway by car
When you rent a car on Gardermoen (search in the list for "renting a car") and you start from Gardermoen to drive to the Multerland area, you do not travel via Oslo, but via Hønefoss. You avoid many hours extra driving. Total: 252 km. Google says you will be able to arrive in three and a half hour. In reality it is much more, count on the double. With taking a half hour extra to rest, and driving as it is possible, according to the speed that is allowed on the curved roads through the mountains, you need at least five hours.
Which airline?
There are several airlines flying on Gardermoen. Good and not expensive are Norwegian, SAS and KLM. I do not advice Ryanair, though it is even cheaper. Get informed yourself by watching the English subtitled documentary.
 Website SAS
 Website Norwegian
 Website KLM
Driving to Norway
Because it takes time to travel to Norway anyway, it is maybe even cheaper and more relaxed to travel with your own car, and taking the days you need to arrive finally in Norway. It has more opportunities: you can take more baggage with you, food, even bikes! Exploring Norway with a bike is so incredible nice! When you travel from a southern country and arrive in the north of Denmark you take the ferry or boat to Norway (website). There are several possibilities. You can travel also via Sweden but that takes more time, in fact an extra day. In Norway are strict rules for cars. It is important to be well informed before you start the journey. Note: in Norway you pay with Norwegian Crowns/Kroner. There are toll roads. Always have some cash with you (coins also), but it is also possible to pay with your international credit card.
Tunnels in Norway
Norway has many many, many tunnels. The Lærdal tunnel (Aurland) is the longest tunnel in the world!

Attention: the tunnels can follow up each other very quickly. It is possible that you are out of the one and the next one is there, within some meters. It can awaken claustrophobia and/or panic. Be aware of the effect on you. Advice: Take with you for instance Rescue Remedy (Dr. Bach). It helps in a natural and safe way, and quick. Read about Rescue Remedy in my own blog about natural health care. 

When one is not used to it tunnels can have a very deep impact on your well being and way of thinking. There are even some points with special lights in the Lærdal tunnel.
This light has an awakening and energizing effect. 

Be prepared. You cannot stop so easy, or turn.