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Since the population density of the area of Multerland is very low there are not so many restaurants. When one is travelling by car in Norway, one must know that road-restaurants are very rare. At the more crowded benzine-stations one can get the popular Norwegian "pulse" (sausages) with bread, ready made baguettes, cakes, coffees, tea, soda, beer, ice cream, hamburger, etc. but you cannot sit on not any chair at not any table. In summer one can sit outside, on wooden family-benches. 

Generally Norway has not a very excellent cuisine, it is not on the top of the Norwegian wish list. 

The restaurants in the surroundings of Multerland can be found in:
Ål: Next to the Riksvei 7, in the same building as the Kiwi supermarket is a basic food-corner. Statoil is next to it.
Hovet: Myrland (Riksvei 50, direction Aurland)
Hovet: Storestølen, Strandavatnet (Riksvei 50, direction Aurland)