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Soon information about this highly polluting but also unmissable industrial invention: mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc, will be added in sub pages, learning how you can contribute to a green(er) environmentally friendly recycling of it, to stop waste, by consulting an environmental-friendly-mobile/tablet-repair-and-data-specialist. 

Mostly more is possible than people can imagine. The excellent repair of mobiles and tablets is rather new, and a lot of mystery covers the facts of what "they", who sell mobiles, really repaired somewhere in the country in their "laboratories", or pretended to repair, or made you believe it was impossible to repair, or too expensive.

Nobody knows where the garbage material of the data industry in shops is brought to, who controls this, and why there is not a law that forces those who work with mobiles, tablets, computers, etc.
have to take out all what can be recycled, before what is left over it is really belonging in the garbage.
You can call for information about your destroyed mobile, tablet, laptop, and/or making an appointment, at:
Tel.: 95977366