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Renting a car in Norway is not expensive when one rents a car for a longer time. Norway is impossible to be explored with just train travel, after landing on one of its airports. The public transport by bus is not excellent, because of a bad connection and a decreasing number of departures between villages and cities in the countryside. A solution can be a taxi, and when travelling with more people it could save costs, because the total amount can be shared. Renting a car is the best solution, though we all know now that fossil fuel contributes to the warming up of the climate.
Car Rent on Airport Gardermoen, Oslo
After arriving in Norway on Gardermoen airport there are two options for renting a car (as far as I know). Europcar and Oslo Airport Car Rental. Overview, cheapest car, prices October 2015:

One day: €114
One week: €365 / €52,00 per day
Two weeks: €728 / €52,00 per day
Oslo Airport Car Rental
One day: € 90
One week: €252 /per day €36
Two weeks: €429 / €31,00 per day
Car Rent Gol City
Renting a car in Hol Kommune (whereto Multerland belongs) is not possible. The most nearby city to rent a car is Gol, 50 km from Hol Kommune.

A solution is to take the train from Oslo Gardermoen to Gol, via Oslo Central Station. Note: arrival of airplane and the connection with the Bergensbanen at Oslo Central Station needs to be checked. You must take the Bergensbanen train from Oslo Central Station at least about twelve o'clock, to be in time in Gol for picking up the car before closing times.

Order tickets for the Bergensbanen (to avoid a sold out) online here.
Car rent in Gol, Avis:
(for the cheapest car, prices October 2015)
One day: €82
One week: €266 / €38 per day
Two weeks: €511 / €36,60 per day

Comparing all prices with each other it is the cheapest to rent a car on the airport, at Oslo Airport Car Rental, after arriving. It avoids long waiting at the railway stations, on the airport and Oslo Central Station, and the time to arrive in Multerland is therefore much shorter.