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Nature in Norway is different from nature anywhere else in the world. It is creating wows and awes and many would like to be here.
Travel to Norway is complicated however. Norway is in fact not so easy to reach, you will have to travel long, though the country looks nearby when you look at the map of Europe. This difficulty is excellent however. It keeps away too many people. We all have to admit that when people find a beautiful spot it will be a touristic event sooner or later and all want to go there. Finally all is destroyed what was so beautiful.  Human beings are the master killers of this planet. At least those who do not have respect for Beauty, Life and Nature.
Also the cold is a protector for Norway's beauty and silence. Its nature. Not so many people like cold, or emptiness, silence, and prefer the thrill of the usual tourist industry, to get entertained by paying for it.
Norway is a country for lovers of nature, who prefer to be active, sportive, who love it to be sportive, who respect life and behave civilized in the right way. Norway is a country for people who are different. People who have a deeper awareness.
It is impossible to explain "Norway" to you, but I have a wonderful video here where you can get some impressions. All videos in this Multerland project are there to create an impression. You need to travel to here, to be here to know how it is in reality. Be aware of the rules of Nature. Respect them. Take care. 
Keep it clean, natural and breathtaking.