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Multerland offers possibilities for people to escape from work and stress, to recharge in nature. Nature is a healer, has healing qualities. Multerland offers services that include visits at National Park Hallingskarvet, the surroundings of Stolsvatnet and Strandavatnet, in fact an area west from Hol Kommune, the mountain village Hovet, the river Storåni, and all huge forests at its borders. The land life of Hallingdal offers the beauty of very old traditions, like the bunad (traditional costume) on special days, the architecture of the wooden houses, the quietness of the impressive unique landscapes. The district Hardangervidda with its national parks is nearby.
The mountainous area of Multerland is 4 hours west from Oslo, 4 hours east from Bergen, reachable with the Bergensbanen. Multerland avoids all kinds of tourism, welcomes wildlife- and eco-supporters, and guarantees silence. You will experience that you are far away from noise, crowds, cities, and stressing traffic. It is excellent for those who like to be in nature to hike, bike, walk, kayak, fish, to photograph, to film, to meditate, etc. alone or with a friend. It is also possible to stay in a hytta, or to rent a cabin in nature, according to the rules of living in wilderness.