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Hovet (pronounce as Hóovè),  is a small not touristic village in the province Buskerud. It belongs to Hol community. Searching on the map you can see that it can be found at the border of  National Park Hallingskarvet.  Those who like to escape, not only from the crowds in the homeland, but also from tourism, searching silence and basic qualities of being or becoming simply yourself, not pumped up by the thrills of the tourist industry that has also entered Norway, then Hovet is a wonderful place to be. My sincere wish is that not any industry will find Hovet.  Never ever. Those who search the thrill have to go to Geilo, to Flåm, to Voss. To the cruise ships, the ferries. This website is not for them, though I have added some information about Flåm, and more, just for in case you would like to experience it anyway 

The surroundings of Hovet

When I arrived for the first time in Norway, in Summer 2010, I could not believe my eyes. It took me more than a year, finally, to understand what I saw, to realize it. To be aware that I was not dreaming. Without any longing  or wish in the past, life had brought me to the most beautiful country. This is important information: those who are for the first time in Norway must not fill their program with too much, because even one little village like Hovet, is too much to learn to know in one year.
Hovet is more than a village. It is also its mountains, river, water, lakes, streams, forest, its farmers and meadows, its horses, its tractors, its snow and its flowers, its sounds of streaming water, the wind, the sun, the rain, its houses and its people. For at least me. I have not been anywhere else than in this village for almost three years now, with just two journeys from here to Aurland, and one to Bergen. Of course I travel several times a year to the Netherlands, and then I travel with the incomparable Bergensbanen.
Silence and nature are so overwhelming present, everywhere, that even only that is a great experience. Everywhere. Maybe it depends on the soul, your soul. Your awareness. The more sensitive you are the more beautiful this country will expose itself to you. 
The main road in Hovet is highway number 50, that starts in Hagafoss and brings you to Aurland
For photos from the surroundings of Hovet you can visit the website of Magne Ove Furuseth.