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 Multerland in English
 Multerland is an online collection of educational information about nature, wilderness, climate change, natural health, deep ecology, biodiversity, and whole-ism, within the reality of the nature and wilderness of a specific geographic area in Norway.
 The website is meant for all who consider themselves as guests of Norway in general, and specifically of the area of Multerland, myself included. Norwegians however are very welcome here as well, to read what a Dutch immigrant is exploring in and about their country.
My English is not perfect, I apologise for that.
 Norway's ecological situation 
 Living here, in the almighty kingdom of Norway’s nature, I become more and more aware of my growing worries about the vulnerable ecological reality and condition of the Norwegian wilderness and natural landscapes around me, of what is the area of Multerland, and Norway in its total. I notice ignorance in Norwegians, to take care for their natural kingdom, as if it is eternally there, without their care. So! A lot of work to do.
 The name Multerland 
 The name Multerland is derived from the words  Multer and  land. Multer are the Norwegian Cloudberries, growing in the mountains on little plants with beautiful leafs, and ready for picking from the middle of August to the middle of September. This depends on the temperatures in June, July and August.
Multer: symbol of strength and health 
Multer are for me a symbol of strength and health. Of being vulnerable, looking like raspberries but not so soft, they are really strong and beautifully colored yellow, orange, and red. They taste a bit strange: not sweet, not sour, not bitter, it is a unique incomparable taste and one has to get used to it, to be able to give it the value it deserves. It is extremely healthy. There to nourish humans and animals and being capable at the same time to survive the very severe winters high up in the mountains, to survive in difficult circumstances.
Multerland started in 2010, after I had moved from Netherlands to Norway. It is a still developing project, there as a guide, to and in Norway, in a not touristic, unique area, for those who fit within the Multerland philosophy about nature.
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