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Last year the third deadly accident at the Hivjufossen in Hovet, Hol Kommune, occurred. It might be obvious that this waterfall is too dangerous for tourists, but it is still open. Nothing has been changed, since last year, to make this Hivjufossen more safe. I checked this on sunday, May 28, 2017. The tourist season is open, and new deadly accidents can happen. 
To make people aware of the life dangerous Hivjufossen waterfall, in Hovet, Hol Kommune, Norway, I made this video. I have experienced last year the shocking news of the accident at the Hivjufossen, the third deadly accident. and the 10 following days of activities when a special rescue team tried to find the body of the American Kent Hart. All was deeply impressing.

I have knocked on each official door in Norway but I do not get the result where I asked for: to create warnings, to avoid a new deadly accident. One was (weeks before the new accident occurred, but also after) convinced that the warnings on the top are enough. There were even Norwegians, who blame the victims, of being careless, without enough respect for nature. I must admit that this was shocking for me as well, because it was written by a priest. These three victims were not careless, not disrespectful towards nature, at all, they just did not know from the start that the hike would make them thirsty. When finally up, one has to drink, and because of lack of information one does not know that streaming water misleads the eyes, and creates disbalance. The result is that one loses balance, and falls.

Another fact is that this Hivjufossen is in a cold mountainous area, what means that during the night there can be frost. This can start in the evening, even in summer, and because the days are long in summer, be aware of this frost anyhow, because water on stones and rocks can freeze, become ice, and slippery. Also early in the morning rocks can still be slippery because of frost.

Another fact is that water splashes around there, and makes rocks wet, slippery as well, also because it creates algaes, mosses. Also soles of shoes are part of the danger, when being in a contact with water.

Another fact is that one becomes enthusiastic about the spectacular waterfall, and all want to take a picture. The best spot is of course mostly the most dangerous one.

Another fact is that one does not realise that the waterfall is very steep. One does not SEE that when there.

Priority number one, whenever you take the risk to go there anyway, is taking water with you, enough water.

If you don't have water: drive first to the supermarket in Hovet. Buy enough.


To be able to create this warning video I used also parts of the video "Cascada Hivjufossen", made by Jorge Astorquia.

I filmed the Hivjufossen myself from a far distance, with a simple camera, on a spot at the Grønsetlivegen, in Hovet.

The photo of the start of the track is mine, also the last photo, made on Sunday 28 May 2017.


In my Dutch blog I have created a long post (in Dutch) with many almost daily updates when the third accident occurred at the Hivjufossen.

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The book: "De dag dat je uit mijn leven viel" or "The day you fell out of my life" has been written by Ciska Zeypveld.

Her husband fell into the Hivjufossen on August 3, 2007.

The book is a kind of a diary, a historical document about her and her children's own experiences starting with the preparations for the holidays in Norway, the holidays in Norway, their visit to the Hivjufossen and the drama that took place. Via her book one gets an impression of the impact of such a cruel experience not only on the moment itself, but also on the days, weeks, months, years after.

Links to more details about Ciska Zeypveld, and her book, is among the updates in my blog post, date: 10 September 2016. Click here


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Philomena (2013) - Alexandre Desplat, track: 03. Birth


The local guide, and former member of the rescue team, lives in Hovet, Hol Kommune. His name is Magne Holestøl. He is very well informed, and explained me the dangers of water and waterfalls.