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The two words: "Healing Nature" can be read in two different ways: nature is a healer, heals, and.... we are, by healing our self, healing (restoring) (the dis-balanced) nature as well. When we really healed our self, we are conscious about/aware of the need to restore the polluted and ill nature as a total because we will understand nature so much better than before an illness. What has been destroyed is not, or in the less worse case hardly possible to heal, to restore. Therefore protection is necessary: prevention is better than cure.
We are natural beings, and need nature, as the main source for being and staying healthy, for natural health care(products). Mainstream healthcare is not a natural health care, suppresses symptoms. Its pharmaceutical products have negative (side) effects, and pollute our physical and psychological (emotional, mental and spiritual) systems. When any kind of healthcare is not working out of the principles and ethics of wholism, it is a not complete health care and too often even violent, anti life. 
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