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National Park Hallingskarvet is a great continuous mountain area (450 km2) with valuable watercourses and threathened species. Hovet is situated in the area next to the south east of this park.
The national park consist of the Hallingskarvet Mountain Range itself, and the highland area west to Østre Låghellerhøgdene, just northeast of Finse. The Hallingskarvet mountain range is a very characteristic landscape element, where several ice ages has implemented characteristic look of the plateau.
In the Hallingskarvet National Park it is registered areas with valuable and rare species, like the endangered and vulnerable plants of tinderublom and handmarinøkkel. Hallingskarvet is today a integrated living area of one of the largest reindeer herds in Norhtern Europe. The area also offers good conditions for bird species that live in steep dropps and mountainsides.
The Hallingskarvet National Park and integrated areas is still actively used, especially within sports and outdoor activities. The annual events of Skarverennet, a ski race starting at Ustaoset and finishing at Finse, and Lordemarsjen, a hike from Raggseindalen to Haugstøl, will still be arranged in the national park.
In the area surrounding the Hallingskarvet, you can find several cultural relics dating all the way back to the Stone Age. You can find traces of former settlements, cattle pens, transhumance summer dairy farms and old paths linking the west and east of the Hallingskarvet Mountain Range together. The cultural relics show that this area used to be, and still is, a decent area for hunting and fishing.
Hallingskarvet Nasjonal Park is officially opened on the 9th of August 2008. (From the website National Parks)
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Photo: Fredrik Borchsenius