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07-08-2018 A serial of handmade soap photos are uploaded in Flickr.  
06-08-2018 Multerland, norsk nettside  has been added to this website. Information about my handmade vegan soap, body oil, information about the ingredients and more about natural health care will be added, in Norwegian. Multerland on Instagram is re-opened also. 
20-06-2018 A while ago I closed my Twitter and Instagram account. On the moment I am active on Pinterest 
07-06-2017 News about the life dangerous Hivjufossen, in Hovet, Hol Kommune. I created a special page for this here.  The video I made is a report:

05-10-2016 Erna Solberg and her anti-green politics Political party De Grønne's spokesman Rasmus Hansson has done a great job in parliament to confront the Norwegian government (especially Høyre and Erna Solberg) with its lack of insight about the consequences of oil production and its offensive behavior towards the climate. Erna Solberg is the 7th PM in the series that does not cut the greenhouse gas emissions. The average Norwegian emits twice as much than a Swede. You can follow some tweets here 
Another shameful fact: Erna Solberg was playing the Pokémon Go while she was in this debate, in Parliament.  No more words needed.

04-10-2016 The endangered Norwegian wolf. You can read some of my tweets with articles to newspapers, telling about the anger of Norwegian environmentalists, nature friends, that Norway is going t kill 70% of the total of wolves that is still left, that are about fifty wolves. This means that hardly any wolf will be left. This decision has been made by the Norwegian government, despite the loud protests of De Grønne. These tweets are collecte here: "Wolves in Norway"
 04-10-2016  Rotnheims Knut.  Found a very nice video, with the well known Norwegian "Bukkene Bruse" musical group. In the video three of them perform the song "Rotnheims-Knut". The text mentions names like Gol, Torpo, Rotneim, Hol, Hemsedal.... so, the surroundings of Multerland. The dance in the video is the so called "Lausdans", or Hallingspringar, and is from Hallingdal, the region of Multerland. The man tries to kick off the hat that is hold on a long stick, by the woman, the dance partner. The strong present beat in the song belongs to this dance. The violins, used in the video, are authentic Norwegian violins, from the region Hardanger. Shortly named: Hardingfele, fele means violin.
Singer/Hardanger violin: Arve Moen Bergset
Hardanger violin: Annbjørg Lien
Flute: Steinar Ofsdal

August 2016
 20-08-2016 MEETING HALLGRIM HANSEGÅRD  On Saturday August 20, 2016, I had an unexpected meeting with a famous dancer from Norway, when I left a shop, and he was taping a poster to a window. When I was outside the shop I saw what was on the poster, and immediately I could associate the face, that I knew somehow, with what I saw on the poster: a dancer. I have watched several videos with him, dancing the traditional Halling dance, but also how he, also a choreographer,  mixes steps and movements, jumps, with his own new inventions, his own choreography, making a unique modern contemporary dance out of it, often even danced in nature itself. I returned into the shop, and asked IF he was the dancer. Yes! He was! I complimented him with his art, with all that made me so enthusiastic about his own choreography, his unique style. What was on the poster? The following news:
28-08-2016 VANDREVISING I ÅBJØRA 2016    More info on this website.

26-08-2016 Lighting strikes killed 322  caribous on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau
Article: here
 29-08-2016 Paint Norway greener by becoming a member of De Grønne - Farg Norge Grønt - I am a member, from today, August 29, 2016.

29-08-2016 Nature is speaking...  Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice.  Watch the films and take action at:
30-08-2016 Erna Solberg (Norway's PM) is convinced only right wing politics can save the world. My comment: after studying the free online course at FutureLearn about Climate Change, last year, I learned in a short while and thorough studying all what had to be read and calculated with special formulas, our climate is changing since the industrial era started. Industries, especially industries, business and making money, growing greed materialism, are related with right wing politics. Erna Solberg herself is member of the right wing party "Høyre" (means: Right, as the contradiction of Left). Article in Bergens Tidende.
30-08-2016 De Grønne spokesman Rasmus Hansson commented: - "I see that Erna is concerned about the "oil crisis". Has she totally forgotten the climate crisis? Has she forgotten the catastrophic extinction of species in the world? It is amazing that the Conservatives are talking about a "green shift" one day, and then once again enters to sacrifice our most important and most sensitive natural areas the next. This is not wealth creation, it is to destroy the inalienable values ​​in perpetuity," says the party's national spokesperson Rasmus Hansson.

- "The answer to the crisis in the oil industry is to build new, sustainable industries that our children and grandchildren can live well off. Sacrificing Lofoten, Vesterålen and Senja for a few extra years of oil party is not a solution, just a way to postpone the inevitable next step over to an environmentally sustainable economy," he said. (Bergens Tidende)