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02-01-2016 OCEAN CLEANUP Scooping up all the plastic waste in the world's oceans would be a massive undertaking given that scientists estimate there's around 5 trillion pieces of it currently bobbing about in the water. But the Ocean Cleanup project believes it is up to the challenge and has today announced plans for the first real-world test of its rubbish collection barriers off the coast of The Netherlands. More
03-01-2016 HOVSFJORDEN NATURRESERVAT I have created a post for LinkedIn today, about Hovsfjorden. This post contains the translation of the Norwegian text, found on a document in Norwegian and published by the Norwegian Miljødirektoratet: "Storånes utløp i Hovsfjorden". The post can be found here. Special Hovsfjorden photoalbum: click here.
17-01-2016 PRINSES IRENE OVER NATUUR EN KLIMAATVERANDERING Because the used link for this post goes to a video in Dutch, I write this article in Dutch. Vandaag vond ik heel toevallig een uitzending van College Tour gemaakt en uitgezonden in 2009: Twan Huijs interviewt Irene van Lippe Biesterfeld over natuur, mens, wereld, klimaatverandering, ecologie, politiek, en meer. Studenten van de Universiteit van Wageningen mogen vragen stellen. Het interview dateert van 2009 maar is uiterst actueel en nog te zien via Uitzending Gemist.
20-01-2016 THE MULTERLAND BLOG Today I have completed the renewed blog of Multerland. All old posts and pages have been imported to this new WordPress blog, and updated before publishing. Here it is!
08-02-2016 DEEP ECOLOGY  Two new posts on LinkedIn about Deep Ecology, and Arne Næss. Important to learn is the difference between ecology and deep ecology; the misleading facts of shallow ecology, and its corrupt acts with economy; the role of the overpopulation and the role of the human being within the whole of life. 1.  Deep Ecology versus Shallow Ecology  2. The Eight Tenets of Deep Ecology (schema)
09-02-2016 SINUSITIS, FARYNGITIS, COLD, FLU A new Multerland blog post has been created: Sinusitis, faryngitis, cold, flu
15-02-2016 FOOT CARE The Multerland Blog has a new post: Foot Care. I explain a little bit about the reflex zones in the feet, and the interrelated organs, nerve systems, blood vessels, blood pressure, hormones, etc. in the body as a complex wholeness.
23-02-2016 E-CO CREATES SOUND POLLUTION E-CO is the name of the owner of the hydro-power-station in Hovet. I have created several posts and updates of posts about this issue. Read here for the start, all other links are to be found there.
25-02-2016 ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD POLLUTION Some days ago I published a post about the noise pollution the hydro-power-plant in the village where I live, is creating. The power plant belongs to “E-CO energi”, and its headquarters are in Oslo. Hydro power is the "greenest", the best ecological way to produce electricity. Beautiful! But, as written in the former post, E-CO's turbines create noise pollution. There is even more: their power lines, creating electromagnetic-field (EMF) pollution. Read all in the post.

28-02-2016 NOISE POLLUTION AND HEALTH   Since a month I am working at a personal research concerning noise pollution in the village where I live in Norway. I have published already one post about it in my blog Multerland. In the new post I have added info that has been written by impressive organizations, like the WHO, and the Norwegian “Miljødirektoratet”, the Norwegian Environment Agency, a department of the Norwegian government. I also have some advice, like the use of special medicinal herbs to lower the stress, and to avoid an overload of tension on the heart muscle. Read the post here.
01-03-2016 HERBAL MEDICINE Because of the stress, the high blood pressure and more, caused by the noise pollution of the E-CO hydro power plant, I had to start to use natural remedies. As long as possible I avoid visiting a doctor, because he cannot give me any advice that I do not know myself. Mainstream medicine is not what I want to use in the first place. That is for when nothing else is left. I knew all about herbs, know all about it, because I studied them, I used them, but now, being in a huge need for help, after a long time of managing all and everything without any help, I had to use something, to avoid worse. It feels as if I discovered them for the first time. The effects are just wonderful. Reason for me to write something about medicinal herbs. My post can be read here.
06-03-2016 ELECTROSMOG Electrosmog is the total of the invisible, though powerful, utterly unhealthy, even dangerous for life, disharmonious magnetic radiance of what has leaked out, the left overs, the electro magnetic rubbish, pollution, created by all what needs electricity, and leaked out by all what is used to transmit electricity: cables and high-voltage power lines. Also: all kinds of transmitters, wireless internet, apps on mobiles and i-pads, and the masts, named cell towers or cell cites, which make you able to receive data information, create electrosmog. Electrosmog affects your personal, human, natural and harmonious electromagnetic field, and during years, slowly slowly, it affects your healthy state of being, till your natural, harmonious electromagnetic field, your life shield, is partly, or finally completely, imprisoned in the killing spider web named electrosmog. More in my post: electromagnetic field pollution. The diseases, related with electrosmog, are without return to health. Therefore some advice about how to reduce electrosmog. Advice can be found in my post.

08-03-2016 WIFI .... & HEALTH "Could WiFi-enabled devices, provided via cell cites, be harmful to our health? You cannot see it or hear it but Wi-Fi blankets our homes, our schools and our cities. Australia’s safety agency says there’s no evidence of harm, but that’s not the same as saying its safe. A growing number of scientists are concerned that the widespread use of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi-enabled devices could be slowly making us sick." Click here and get informed via a video-documentary about it.
09-03-2016 REPORT OF "E-CO ENERGI" NOISE POLLUTION  The new post: Report of "E-CO energi" noise pollution is a following up of the recently published posts “Noise Pollution” and “Noise Pollution and Health“, and both are concerning the noise pollution created by “E-CO energi” in the mountain village in Norway, where I live. As promised I created an update with the info that is there now. I will do this in points, as an overview, not to get lost in too many details. Go to the post: here.
11-03-2016 "E-CO ENERGI" & STØY  Støy is the Norwegian term for noise pollution. In this new post I have added new information about E-CO and its contribution to “støy”.
12-03-2016 NEW UPDATES ABOUT HOL-1 IN HOVET, E-CO ENERGI AND MORE More news is there, more parts of the puzzle create a better view on the truth about the noise pollution in Hovet. There has come another name inside: Rainpower. What it is, does, says and does not, what kind of role an in China based company has in this, can be read in the updated post: "Report: E-CO energi & støy", with much red and underlined texts.
13-03-2016 UPDATE: A MESSAGE TO THE NORWEGIAN GREEN PARTY: "DE GRØNNE" This morning I have written an email to “De Grønne” about the case: E-CO and noise pollution. Goal: a discussion in the Norwegian parliament about the case. Photo: Rasmus Hansson, leader of the green party.
14-03-2016 UPDATE: MESSAGE FROM RAINPOWER In the post about E-CO energi and støy I am constantly adding new information. Today I got an answer from Rainpower, who sold their in China made turbines to E-CO in 2009. They create noise pollution. The answer is disappointing, the responsibility is directed to E-CO energi, because of several reasons. Read the content of the email in the post (scroll down there). 
17-03-2016 UPDATES: E-CO ENERGI AND "STØY" Updates created on March 15 and March 16, 2016, can be found in the post. The last one is a confirmation email from the president and CEO of "E-CO energi": Tore Olaf Rimmereid on the email I sent to him, a day earlier. Tore Olaf Rimmereid will come back later with an email to follow up my letter.
17-03-2016 REDUCE HEATING COSTS: WEAR WOOL   A post on LinkedIn about how to reduce the costs for electricity, for heating, by wearing wool. Explanation about the increasing need for more electricity production, which creates too high pressure on too light turbines, starting to create noise pollution, and with that psychological terror, all to serve the human beings, who misuse electricity, create millions of waste, and are indirectly terrorizing the beings who live in the middle of nature in Norway: animals and humans. Information about the beautiful natural product wool, and how we all can contribute to stop the increasing use for energy, for electricity, also to contribute via this to stop the climate change.
23-03-2016 UPDATE: E-CO AND STØY In an email the local medical officer has let me know that he will visit me in April, to find out more, on the spot where the noise pollution (støy) is experienced: the house where I live.
30-03-2016 THE PRESIDENT OF E-CO ENERGI Today I received a reply email from the president of E-CO energi: Tore Olaf Rimmereid. The email text can be read in my blogpost: E-CO energi and støy (støy is the Norwegian word for noise pollution)
14-04-2016 NOISE POLLUTION, CONTINUED Because I must avoid a nervous breakdown, the owner of my apartment is willing to take over my "battle" against the noise pollution created by E-CO. He will be present in the by the president of E-CO announced meeting that will take place very soon, at the E-CO power station in Hovet. Until now not any briefing about this meeting has been sent. So, till later then.
20-04-2016 NEW UPDATE IN MY POST ABOUT NOISE POLLUTION The blogpost about noise pollution (støy) has a new update. To be able to read this you will have to scroll a long time. The post is several virtual decimetres long. Click here.
22-04-2016 VOTE FOR THE WOLF A new blog post is published: Vote for the wolf
06-05-2016 A POSITIVE MESSAGE  Sorry for posting so late this news. Reason is pain in the back, and even now, while writing this, the pain is still there. Three weeks now since it started. I have been mostly laying flat, and resting. The new post in my blog: A Positive Message, can be found here.
26-05-2016 NEW POSTS MULTERLAND BLOG Two new posts: 1. Being offline as luxury 2. Ecomodernism
26-05-2016 PAPER ON IMPROVING THE REGULATED RIVER ECOLOGY VS HYDROPOWER IN NORWAY Jo Halvard Halleraker, Senior Advisor at Miljødirektoratet (Norwegian Env Agency) published a post on LinkedIn: A WFD relevant paper on significant adverce effect on hydropower in Norway to optimize the ecological potential by measures, is just published by Barton et al in the last issue of Journal of Applied Water Engineering and Research available here.  The paper discusses the importance of further assessment of all available measures to achieve good ecological potential in Norwegian regulated water courses for hydropower Production.
26-05-2016 MY HEALTH Blog Multerland, post: Report: E-CO energi and “støy” (+ updates) Update 17: 26 May 2016 "Just here to write about my physical health: I have visited the doctor last week, and urine and blood are checked for several issues. My complaints that started 6 weeks ago today, have not disappeared. Also an appointment has been made with an osteopath. I want to know where all the pain is coming from. It goes from here to there, to everywhere, disappears a little, and comes back. The blood pressure is good now, the edema has gone, I sleep much, rest enough by laying flat, to support my legs and back. I wait for the results of the tests. In the meantime springtime is fully there, I could have walked, hiked, biked, but my body is not capable to do more than just the basic things. Such a pity. Four months to be outside, in the light and nature, I have three months left. Then it will be winter again."
27-06-2016 OSTEOPATHY  In my new blog post I write about Osteopathy. I have visited an osteopath myself, because of health complaints. Read all about it here.
14-07-2016 NEW PHOTOS POSTED Several new serials of photos have been posted in "flickr" and categorized in new and older albums like: *Sudndalen *Forest *Vierbotnvatni *Flowers *Naturreservat Hovsfjorden
29-07-2016 HIVJUFOSSEN On July 16 a post about Hivjufossen, a spectacular waterfall in the village here, has been published in my Dutch blog. In this post I am writing about the danger for deadly accidents, as there happened in 1991 and 2007. Nowhere in the surroundings of the waterfall I could find a warning: not at the start, not on the parking place. This post has been written in Dutch. Updates have been added from Sunday, July 24, 2016. Why? On this Sunday, July 24, 2016, an American tourist fell into the waterfall, and until today, Friday July 29, he has not been found. Norway's best trained rescue team is trying to find him. The Dutch blogpost can be found here. In this post I added also links to articles about it in Norwegian newspapers. For those who want to read about it in English: in The Salt Lake Tribune an article has been published on July 25, 2016. Article can be read here, and a second article here. Photo: Hallingdólen