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Biking is a wonderful activity. For sports and for those who are in a lesser physical condition. Next to the river Storåni  the roads and biking areas next to the road are mostly rather easy to bike on: the level is rather constant: flat, with just now and then a bit climbing, or going down. When it is too steep one can walk next to the bike.  
 Nearby Hovet it is possible to go up in the mountains, and finally one arrives on a huge plateau, next to Strandavatnet. Ideal to bike even for those who are not so well trained.
 A wonderful biking tour can be experienced when choosing for "Raggsteindalen" when driving into the direction of Aurland, on the Riksvei 50. One can park the car before the dam, and bike to the end of the Raggsteindalvegen where one can visit the restaurant/hotel. Total length of the biking tour from the dam to the end: about ten kilometers. There are several hiking trails from the hotel to somewhere in the Hallingskarvet National Park.
It is important to wear a helmet. The roads do not always offer the needed space for bikers and for cars. Norwegians hardly bike, if so, they are doing it for training, on mountain bikes, but here, in the area of Multerland one hardly sees bikers, and there are mostly no special biking ares next to the road. The danger of falling is constantly present. My own experience with a helmet is that it creates a feeling of safety, and even on hot days one does not have any problem with it.  
 In Geilo is a lake, Ustedalsfjorden, with around it a path to bike, really nice! Also possible to walk there. In total it is about 10 km. Geilo is nice for those who like tourism, because all is focused on that: for many many summer and winter sports and activities.  If you prefer silence, then do not go there.
 Sub pages will be added to this page as soon as possible, with bike trails.