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Also in Norway anthroposophy found interest and there are several places with Rudolf Steiner schools/Steinerskoler, also biodynamic farming is practised in Norway, and also the so called Camphill Movement has settled here.  

 What is anthroposophy?

"Anthroposophy is a human oriented spiritual philosophy that reflects and speaks to the basic deep spiritual questions of humanity, to our basic artistic needs, to the need to relate to the world out of a scientific attitude of mind, and to the need to develop a relation to the world in complete freedom and based on completely individual judgments and decisions." Read on: Waldorf Answers
Anthroposophy ~ Rudolf Steiner is a portal with information for all who are interested in both Anthroposophy and Steiner, and all what has developed and will develop out of Steiner's and his co founders' work and views. Several categories are filled with information via books, photos, websites, and videos. Rudolf Steiner was intense connected with life and nature.