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Practice in Norway: Fjellklinikken AS, Geilo
Practice in Greece: Villa Marina, Katalovos, Corfu
 Therapist: Marina Wedenberg
Disciplines: orthomolecular nutrition, medicinal herbs, massage,  TCM acupuncture
Address in Norway: Kvisla 74, 3580 Geilo
Address in Greece: Katavolos, Corfu 
Telephone: 0047 - 477 58 456
Born in 1962.  
1. Physiotherapist from Oslo University College 1987-1991
2. TCM acupuncture from the Norwegian Acupuncture School 1993-1997 3. Nutrition and nutritional molecular medicine from Harstad University College 2001-2003.
Marina Wedenberg has been running her practice at Geilo since 1992. She is specialized in rehabilitation of physical damage and prevention of physical damage and worked with the "Norsk Toppidrettsgymnas" since 1992.
She has been teaching aerobics, step, spinning, strength, pilates, yoga and is a personal trainer since 1992. She is very concerned with health and preventive measures in relation to health and well-being. This is not just a profession for her but a hobby and a lifestyle. She is very focused on offering people tools to maintain good health with good choices / routines. One of her mantras is: "Thoughts, words and actions, and in this order. Good thoughts produce good actions."